April Design Trend: Metallic Wallpaper


Can metallic wallpaper add the depth and dynamic tone you’re looking for? It’s a rising trend in wall coverings, so don’t design your interior without considering this up-and-coming wallpaper choice. A metallic shine can add the sparkle and prestige you’ve always pictured in your dream home. Light Reflection Enlarges Living Spaces One of the top

5 Places to Hang a Wallpaper Border

Hang Wallpaper Borders

A wallpaper border can spice up your interior décor and add playful, attractive fun to any room. If you’re looking for a finishing touch that ties everything together — the furniture, the colors, the architectural details — a wallpaper border may be the answer. Wallpaper borders are often used as a chair rail, but consider

Beadboard Wallpaper or Real Beadboard?

beadboard wallpaper

Could beadboard wallpaper add the decorative touch your room needs to complete its design? Is real wood beadboard worth the expense and the time it takes to install? Only you can make the call, but it may surprise you how many added benefits beadboard wallpaper has to offer. Decorating with Beadboard Beadboard is a decorative

5 Misconceptions About Wallpaper

wallpaper misconceptions

Wallpaper isn’t the old fashioned, out-of-style décor choice you might think it is. In fact, the opposite is true. Wallpaper is back in, and you have an incredible range of designs to choose from. Don’t let the five misconceptions listed below get in your way. Misconception #1: My House Will Look Dated When you think

6 Tips to Make Hanging Wallpaper Easy ​

hanging wallpaper tips

Hanging wallpaper doesn’t have to be hard! While a broad expanse of wall is easiest to deal with, you can successfully hang an eye-popping pattern in tough corners and tight spaces. Just make sure you follow these six essential guidelines: 1. Always Use a Sharp Utility Knife to Make Cuts One of the most important

March Wallpaper Design Trend: Marble Wallpaper ​


Marble wallpaper provides jaw-dropping beauty without the cost and the trouble of a major renovation project. It’s catching on in designs everywhere because it adds a touch of elegance that can instantly transform any room. Are you looking for a design choice that will set your home apart? Faux marble is the answer. It’s Gorgeous

Choosing Hygge Wallpaper for Your Home

hygge wallpaper

Hygge is an interior design trend taking the world by storm. Originating in Denmark, hygge doesn’t just influence what type of furniture, wallpaper and décor you choose for your home. It represents a different outlook on life — where family and friends reign supreme. What Is Hygge? Hygge means “to comfort or give joy.” It’s

Try Dramatic Wallpaper and Liven Up Your Living Space

dramatic wallpaper

When hung in the right places, dramatic wallpaper is breathtaking and memorable. It makes your home interior stand out, and adds a lively vibe to the atmosphere. It’s worth splurging on a dramatic wallpaper that catches your eye — it could end up as your favorite part of your home’s interior design. It’s the Most

4 Questions to Ask Before You Choose a Wallpaper Pattern

wallpaper patterns

Finding a wallpaper pattern that makes your heart beat faster is a thrill. You just know it will look perfect in your bathroom, bedroom or kitchen! Not so fast. Before you spread out your hanging tools and order 10 rolls of your new wallpaper pattern crush, take a few minutes to ask yourself the questions

Should You Mix Wallpaper Patterns?


With so many wallpaper patterns available, it’s hard to choose. But who says you have to? You can mix wallpaper patterns. Try combining different designs into one grand finished room, but take professional design standards into account so you don’t regret your decision later. Go for Bright Colors, But Limit the Palette There are no