July Wallpaper Trend: Black-and-Gold Wallpaper


Our spotlight is on black-and-gold wallpaper this month. It’s classy, it makes a statement and it adds sophistication. When you want to make your home look upscale, black-and-gold wallpaper offers refinement. Gold Softens Extremes So many homeowners love the black-and-white theme. It jives with contemporary minimalistic style and it never goes out of style. That’s why you see so much monochrome in modern

Decorating a Nursery? Wallpaper Can Help. 

nursery wallpaper

Decorating a nursery is exciting while you wait for your little one to arrive. As you prepare your baby’s room for many peaceful naps and blissful, sleep-filled nights, you might be torn between color choices or ruminating over the best design pattern. There are a number of things to consider when decorating a nursery, especially if you decide to use wallpaper

Wallpaper Panels Are a Versatile Design Feature

wallpaper panels

Wallpaper panels are adaptable to even the most eclectic interior design style — it’s definitely one of your best options when you’re looking to update any room in your home. It’s an easy feature to make yourself, or integrate into any paneling you already have. If you’re looking for updated aesthetics but you still want

How to Use Peel-and-Stick Wallpaper


Peel-and-stick wallpaper makes life so much more fun. You can decorate your new apartment without any worries about what your landlord will think! If you own your own home, you can peel away your wallpaper before you list it and not worry about what your real estate agent (and tons of potential buyers) will say!

How to Make Home Design Decisions When You Feel Stuck

home design decisions

Challenging home design decisions can have you running around in circles and feeling endless frustration. It can be hard to come to conclusions, especially with so many great options but not enough space to try them all out! Try these tips to help overcome your uncertainty and finish your decorating with a flourish! Decide What

June Wallpaper Trend: Smooth Silk and Satin Wallpaper


Silk and satin wallpaper is the latest and greatest trend in the world of wallpaper fashion. It gives any room a refined, posh look to complete your “glam” design, but it’s not too glossy or overstated. When you’re trying to create a sophisticated style in your living spaces, consider silk or satin wallpaper for the

10 Unconventional Uses for Wallpaper

unconventional wallpaper

Did you know some of the best uses for wallpaper don’t include walls? If you have wallpaper scraps, put them to use! If you love a wallpaper design but don’t think it will work on your walls, buy it anyway! There are so many ways you can integrate wallpaper into your home’s décor. Here are

6 Things to Consider Before Buying Wallpaper

buying wallpaper online

Buying wallpaper is a big step. It means you’re finally making the move to redesign your interior. It’s incredible how drastic of a change wallpaper makes! Use the six tips below to help you when buying wallpaper. You’ll be thrilled with the results! 1. Decide on the Purpose of the Room One of the biggest

Framing Wallpaper: Good Design Choice?


Framing wallpaper is one of the cheapest and fastest ways to inject color and personality into any room in your home. Because of its affordability and character, it’s definitely a good design choice for any space! It’s Cheaper Than Fine Art — And More Fun! Looking for an easy weekend DIY project? Framing wallpaper is

The Psychology of Green: Why Green Wallpaper Works


Green wallpaper is a good choice both for your design style — and for your psychological health. Despite what you may have heard, it is easy being green — it improves feelings of tranquility and promotes harmony and balance. It’s a calming color that has naturally earned its rightful place on your walls. Embrace your