Wallpaper Texture Tips You Should Know 

textured wallpaper

Wallpaper texture can add a major boost to your interior design, but it’s important to know how to use it! As wallpaper regains its popular status, you’d do well to do more than follow trends — you can start setting your own. One of the products that many designers love is textured wallpaper. While colors and patterns are beautiful, wallpaper texture adds a third

Office Wallpaper Design Tips 

Office Wallpaper Ideas

Office wallpaper is an integral part of the design of your space. It can bring focus to an empty room to help you accomplish all your goals. Choosing the right product is key, and it starts with thinking about the room’s purpose and your own tendencies when it comes to working time. Think About Who it’s For Will you host

January Wallpaper Trend: Damask Wallpaper 

damask wallpaper

Damask wallpaper is the embodiment of elegance. Timeless. Tasteful. Eye-catching. It has all the properties you hope for in a design element. That’s why it’s our wallpaper trend for January 2018. The Origins of Damask Damask gets its name from Damascus, its birthplace. The pattern was used for design during the Byzantine Empire and made a strong reappearance during the Renaissance.

Pros and Cons of Striped Wallpaper

Striped Wallpaper

When striped wallpaper catches your eye, you can’t help but want it in your home! You’re not alone. It’s all the rage right now, and there are so many reasons to take the plunge and make your walls striped! But as with any design feature, you must consider some issues before you invest time and money into making

Paintable Wallpaper Helps You Unleash Your Creativity

paintable wall paper

Paintable wallpaper offers plenty of options for customization. If you find yourself shopping in the paint section only months after completing a painting project, this product might be for you. Whether you’re indecisive or you just love mixing things up and choosing new colors with each interior design change, paintable wallpaper is a great choice! Paint It … Over

Brightly Colored Wallpaper Can Chase Away Winter Blues

Brightly Colored Wallpaper

Hanging brightly colored wallpaper in your living spaces could make all the difference for you this winter. Even if you love snow and cool weather, the cloudy days and all the time spent indoors might eventually wear you down. You can be proactive in preventing the winter blues by redecorating with brightly colored wallpaper. Infusing color

December Wallpaper Trend: Farmhouse Wallpaper Is In!

Farmhouse Wallpaper

Farmhouse wallpaper comes in all styles and colors. Some are designed to make your interiors look like a log cabin, and others are throwbacks with vintage floral patterns. That’s what’s so appealing about the farmhouse look — you get to define what farmhouse means to you! Farmhouse Is Now Mainstream Thanks to television shows like “Fixer Upper,” the farmhouse look is now

How Lighting and Wallpaper Work Together in Interior Design 

Lighting and Wallpaper Work Togethe

Lighting and wallpaper go hand in hand. As a rule of thumb, you shouldn’t choose one without considering the other. They can work in tandem to create a look you love, or they could work against each other and wreak havoc with your overall interior design. What do you need to know about lighting and wallpaper before you

November Wallpaper Trend: The Dramatic Contrast


It seems like every day (or month) there’s a new wallpaper trend. It’s good to know about the latest and greatest news in the interior design space, but maybe you’re thinking to yourself, “What if these trends become passé and I’m left with a design that’s no longer ‘in’?” This is a common question asked by

Use Wallpaper to Highlight Shelves


Wallpaper is a great tool for calling attention to your built-ins and shelving, making them look anything but boring. If you thought wallpaper was only for traditional use, you’d be wrong! You can get creative and add it to the wall behind your shelving for a unique, stand-out look. *image courtesy of ErinSpain.com Grass Cloth Adds a Textured Look Put grass cloth wallpaper