4 Ways to Use Wallpaper in a Child’s Bedroom

Visby White Scandinavian 2782-1450 Brewster Wallpaper

Hanging wallpaper in a child’s bedroom is a quick way to create a personalized, fun and inviting space for them to call their own. A child’s bedroom is their sanctuary, cave, castle or adventuring ship, depending on the liveliness of the imagination. To encourage their role play and foster their imagination, add wallpaper! Below are four ways to use wallpaper in a

March Wallpaper Trend: Purple Wallpaper

purple wallpaper trend

Purple wallpaper can brighten up your March with the help of the team at Wallpaper Warehouse. Purple has the potential to convey a range of moods, depending on the shade. Its ability to fit multiple design and personality profiles make it the ideal choice as our trend of the month — it might even be trend of the year! Pantone’s 2018

Where to Hang Wallpaper in a New Home

wallpaper for a your new home

When you’re about to hang wallpaper in a new home, it can feel like a big commitment. The first time those new walls are decorated, you might feel like the pressure is on to get the design just right. What do you need to consider before you make any decisions? Move in First Don’t start ordering wallpaper until after

Choosing a Faux Effect Wallpaper

faux effect wallpaper

A faux effect wallpaper can have a powerful influence on the mood of a room. Your home should be an environment you can fully relax in, but also one that’s welcoming and inviting to guests. Sometimes balancing personal tastes with neutral aesthetics and budget is a line that’s hard to walk, but at Wallpaper Warehouse, we’re here

Where to Put a Wallpaper Mural

wallpaper mural

A wallpaper mural is an eye-catching feature. But where should it go? Which wall should you choose? Which wall is your eye already drawn to when you enter the room? A wallpaper mural is a great fit for rooms that don’t have any other architectural features, so maybe one wall isn’t more dominant than any the other … yet. First, consider

How Wallpaper Can Help You Create a Tranquil Space 

creating a tranquil space

Wallpaper is one of the top ways you can quickly upgrade the look of your home’s interiors. It’s not always easy to find a décor style that achieves all your goals, especially if you are aiming to make a statement that’s bold and tranquil. Below are a few strategies for choosing the right wallpaper for you. Express Yourself A room that

February Wallpaper Trend: Maximalism 

February Wallpaper Trend: Maximalism

A wallpaper trend that’s quickly gaining steam in 2018 is the maximalist effect. If you’ve heard designers saying, “More is more,” you’ve been listening to people who have fully fallen in love with maximalism. Like most bold interior design moves, maximalism is either loved or hated. You’ll probably know the instant you look at a

5 Top Wallpaper Colors for 2018

5 Top Wallpaper Colors for 2018

Designer wallpaper colors for 2018 are all about color. Every year is marked by changes and developments in the world of design, which range from slight to drastic. The past few years have seen a gradual shift from neutrals to bolds. It might seem to have happened overnight, but when you track the progression, it’s clear that from

Commercial Wallpaper: What to Consider 

commercial wallpaper

Commercial wallpaper choices come with a lot of pressure! It’s not like decorating your home where only your family and your guests will see your design decisions. This wallpaper purchase will be analyzed by every customer, client and employee! It’s important that you get your commercial wallpaper choice right. Below are a few factors to consider when

Wallpaper Texture Tips You Should Know 

textured wallpaper

Wallpaper texture can add a major boost to your interior design, but it’s important to know how to use it! As wallpaper regains its popular status, you’d do well to do more than follow trends — you can start setting your own. One of the products that many designers love is textured wallpaper. While colors and patterns are beautiful, wallpaper texture adds a third