Can You Hang Pictures Over Wallpaper?

Can You Hang Pictures Over Wallpaper

Wallpaper and art are the perfect combination. Not only can they stand on their own separately, but they can also coordinate and create even more beautiful designs together. The only challenge is knowing how to combine the two. Wallpaper can be fragile. On its own, it can stand the rigors of daily wear. However, with tape and Command strips, you’re

August Wallpaper Trend: Cool Colors


Wallpaper can transform a plain room into a designer’s landscape. And what are the designers recommending? Go with cool colors. August is the last month of summer. It’s during these final weeks that the kids will get ready to return to school, family vacations and reunions will be over and the busy work season will begin. You’ll want your house’s décor to reflect these

How to Make Ambitious Wallpaper Designs Work

Make Ambitious Wallpaper Designs Work

When you’re making wallpaper a part of your living space, it’s easy to get carried away, especially when you look at the wide range of options available online at Wallpaper Warehouse. Before you know it, you’re picking out samples to designs that are much bolder than you ever would have imagined when you began your redesign journey.

Can You Hang New Wallpaper Over Old?

Hang New Wallpaper Over Old

You’re ready for new wallpaper … but are your walls? Whether you feel like switching styles after only a year or two, or you’re interested in covering the outdated, centuries-old design you’ve got now, you know that taking down wallpaper is time-consuming. Is it a task you can avoid? Can you simply paste the new

How to Bring the Outside in (Wallpaper Can Help)


Wallpaper can help you bring nature indoors so you get the relaxation, calm and peace it provides every day. You don’t have to leave nature behind when you come indoors — not if you center your interior design around it! And wallpaper can play an integral part in creating the ideal environment for your well-being, both physical and mental.

You’re Renovating, but Which Room Comes First?

Renovating, but Which Room Comes First

When you’re renovating, wallpaper probably won’t be the first item on your list to buy. First, you need to prepare your living areas for the most fun part of the project: the decorating stage. To help you get to the finish line faster, we’ve compiled a guide on where to start the entire renovation process, and why. Take Care of

July Wallpaper Trend: The Industrial Look

July Wallpaper Trend The Industrial Look

Wallpaper shopping is even more fun when you tie it into a room redesign. And for many people, summer is the time to take a long, hard look at your interiors and start working on the to-do list that gets longer every day. This month, consider an industrial look for your living room, dining area or bedroom. It’s reminiscent

6 Steps to Choosing the Perfect Wallpaper

6 Steps to Choosing the Perfect Wallpaper

Choosing the perfect wallpaper can be a challenge. You may have a vision for your home’s interiors — a picture in your mind of exactly you want, from the pattern down to the material. But other times, the process isn’t as easy. You might not know which color or pattern will work for your home. Or you might have a difficult time deciding among multiple designs.  Below is your

Wallpaper and Art: They Work Together

Wallpaper and Art: They Work Together

Wallpaper is a beautiful addition to any home. Modern wallpaper styles are making homeowners everywhere turn to this versatile decorating medium. Some wallpaper can be just as breathtaking as a fine art piece! We Love Wallpaper Whether hung on one accent wall or throughout an entire room, wallpaper is a time-tested wall-covering solution. You can get vinyl products

Educational Wallpaper for Your Child’s Bedroom

Educational Wallpaper for Your Child’s Bedroom

Educational wallpaper can spark curiosity and genuine interest in the mind of your child, especially when they welcome a distraction from sleep or when they first wake in the morning. As a parent, you may be concerned about your child’s environment. Are they eating the right foods? Are they developing properly? Do they need additional help in any areas? You want