Types of Wallpaper and How to Use Them

types of wallpaper

The types of wallpaper available today can be confusing and even overwhelming. Maybe you didn’t know wallpaper could be made of vinyl, grass cloth and fabric! Maybe you thought it was just … paper. Paper may have been the main ingredient in the wallpaper products of decades ago, but today the selection isn’t as simple. Each product has key features that work with different interior designs, and hanging methods can vary as

October Trend: Bohemian Wallpaper 

October Trend Bohemian Wallpaper 

Bohemian wallpaper suggests a lively, free-flowing atmosphere. Do you fancy yourself a hippie in another life (or in this one)? Are you an artist? It’s natural to want to surround yourself with images, colors and textures that make you happy, and for many, that’s exactly what Bohemian wallpaper can provide.   What Is Bohemian Style? Bohemian style is difficult to

Removing Wallpaper Is Easier Than You Think with These 6 Tips

removing wallpaper tips

You’ve heard nightmares about removing wallpaper, but it doesn’t have to become a horror story in your own home! As a wallpaper retailer, we’ve heard dreadful wallpaper removal tales, but we’ve also heard plenty of success stories too, and we’ve compiled a list of six tips to help you achieve the latter, not the former. 1. Use

Add Character to Your Home with Wallpaper 

Add Character to Your Home with Wallpaper 

  Looking to add character to a new build and make it feel more like home? You don’t need to buy an ancient farmhouse to get the character you’re looking for or the comforting accents that give your place its own unique style. You also don’t need to embark on costly renovations — just use wallpaper!   Embrace

Decorating a Hallway? Check Out These Helpful Tips.

Decorating a Hallway Tips

  Decorating a hallway might be at the bottom of your interior update to-do list, but it’s important. In many homes, the hallway is what makes the first impression on your guests. It’s what welcomes visitors and it’s the last glimpse they have of your home before they leave. Don’t overlook this space just because it’s narrow, small or not

4 Reasons to Hang Bathroom Wallpaper

Reasons to Hang Bathroom Wallpaper

In the past, bathroom wallpaper was seen as a serious no-no — a definite décor choice to avoid. Between its tendency to break down in the presence of moisture to its closed-in, outdated traditional patterns, having bathroom wallpaper was a sign you were out of touch. Now, the opposite is true. Bathroom wallpaper is the aesthetic standout you want for so many reasons, but these

September Wallpaper Trend: Faux Effect Wallpaper


Faux effect wallpaper brings the on-trend, eye-catching feature you’re looking for in an interior redesign. When you want your interiors to pop but you don’t want to spend a fortune or take weeks to complete a renovation project, a faux version is your best option. That’s why faux effect wallpaper is our focus for September’s trendsetter — it’s the

Hanging Wallpaper on an Accent Wall: 5 Tips to Help

Hanging Wallpaper on an Accent Wall

Hanging wallpaper always takes thoughtful planning, but this process is even more important when it comes to papering an accent wall. There is less room for error because it will be the only wallpaper wall in the room — it has to be done right! You want your guests’ eyes drawn to your accent wall and wowed by your expert

Is Paste-the-Wall Wallpaper Easy to Hang? 

Paste-the-Wall Wallpaper

Paste-the-wall wallpaper is designed to make your life easier. If you’ve thought about hanging wallpaper in your home but feel intimidated because of all the horror stories from your friends and family, rest assured: This is the method you want to use. Paste-the-wall wallpaper works just the way it sounds — you apply the paste to the wall,

Time-Saving Tips for Removing Wallpaper

removing wallpaper

In any interior redesign, removing wallpaper is usually step one. Before you can make an old house new again with modern, stylish wallpaper you love, you have to get rid of the dated, peeling wallpaper you hate. But removing wallpaper can be difficult and time-consuming. The five important tips below on removing wallpaper will help you save time and preserve your sanity.