Choosing Hygge Wallpaper for Your Home

hygge wallpaper

Hygge is an interior design trend taking the world by storm. Originating in Denmark, hygge doesn’t just influence what type of furniture, wallpaper and décor you choose for your home. It represents a different outlook on life — where family and friends reign supreme.

What Is Hygge?

Hygge means “to comfort or give joy.” It’s an ancient Scandinavian philosophy expressed in the home environment. In the interior decorating sense, hygge has come to mean a method of decorating the home in the most comfortable way possible. That means every item in the decorating scheme is intended to produce warmth, comfort, intimacy and indulgence.

Some of the trademarks of this decorating style are chunky knit blankets and pillows; soft, warm rugs; glowing candles; and a roaring fireplace. But more than what you can buy and add to your interior design, hygge is an expression of your state of mind. Your home shows you are at peace and you love where you live.

With hygge in mind, how should you go about selecting wallpaper that jives with your understanding of the philosophy? What should you look for in a wallpaper design to fully express coziness and relaxation?

Texture Is Essential

Textured wallpaper is one of the best ways to promote hygge in your home environment. Textured walls are the ultimate cozy addition, and they make you want to snuggle up on the nearest couch and stay a while. Whether you choose a pattern or stick to a solid, textured wallpaper helps you achieve hygge in your living spaces.

Add Warmth to Your Surroundings

faux-wood-wallpaperIf you look at examples of hygge-style homes in the pages of a decorating magazine, you’ll notice that most of the walls are light-colored. While most hygge designs shy away from darker colors, there is no rule that dictates a wall’s color palette. The warmth of a rich red or vivid orange can help create a hygge home, especially if those are the colors that you associate with comfort.

Remember, hygge is about what you find cozy and peaceful — your home should be an expression of you and your family, and what brings you joy.

Natural Materials Add Stability

Some of the best hygge wallpapers are those that recreate a natural look. Faux wood wallpaper can create a cabin-like coziness. Green leaves or a forest scene can have a similar affect, tying your home interior to the natural world and promoting a stress-free environment.

Are you looking for hygge wallpapers to complete your home’s cozy design? Wallpaper Warehouse has a range of products that will help you live out your philosophy, and decorate with family, friends and comfort in mind.

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