Wallpaper borders are like miniature murals — filled with rich scenes, fun patterns and darling designs. You can use them anywhere in your home (or office!) to add a little flavor and interest to your rooms. Compared to regular wallpaper, they go up quickly and easily, and that means you can transform your room in an hour or two!

Decorating with Wallpaper Borders

Borders are typically used at the tops of walls near the ceiling. If you have an older home — or even if you don’t — it’s a good idea to hang the border about an inch away from the ceiling rather than flush against it. That’s because walls and ceilings aren’t always even and flush, and a border can make this issue stand out.

Borders for Kitchens & Dining Rooms

Shop Wallpaper Warehouse’s large selection of borders for kitchens, including cherries, grapes, strawberries and other fruits. Since kitchen cabinets often reach to the ceiling, consider hanging your border on the wall under the cabinets, or use it around your kitchen island. We have lots of borders with a country kitchen theme depicting chickens, watering cans, birdhouses and flowerpots.

If you have wainscoting in the dining room, you can hang your border above the chair rail for a pop of color and style. Consider florals or stripes. Do you have a coffee station? We have java borders that would make a perfect backdrop or surround.

Bathrooms & Offices with Wallpaper Borders

It can be hard to add style to a bathroom or powder room because there is so little space for decorative objects. Luckily, wallpaper borders take up zero space! Shop our selection of cute patterns perfect for the bathroom, including seahorses, starfish, sailboats, fish, palm trees or seashells. Hang the paper near the ceiling, on the wall above the tile or use it as a surround for the medicine cabinet.

Do you have a study or an office? These are great places to hang designer wallpaper borders with a quiet, relaxing theme. Many of our borders depict nature, such as leaves, pinecones, mountain cabins, birds, bears and deer. Borders like these can add appeal to a room without being distracting.

If you have kids who love Spider-Man, we have a border for you! Our Spider-Man border is perfect for kids’ bedrooms, bathrooms or playrooms. If you have any left over, you can use it to decorate their binders or the furniture in their rooms.

Add Visual Interest to Your Bedroom

Bedrooms are a really popular place for wallpaper borders. You can use them to add dimension to a painted wall, or you can layer them over grasscloth, stringcloth or other textured wallpaper. Choose sunflowers for a joyous look year-round, florals for a delicate touch of country class or simple stripes for contrast with a fun wallpaper pattern.

Consider adding a wallpaper border around a fireplace, built-in bookcases or hutch, or in the laundry room to add a little cheer to a tiresome chore.

Consider adding a wallpaper border around a fireplace, built-in bookcases or hutch, or in the laundry room to add a little cheer to a tiresome chore.