When you’re looking for a great deal on designer wallpaper, visit our wallpaper closeouts page. That’s were we put all the wallpaper we’re no longer carrying on sale for our customers. Just because a particular color or pattern isn’t popular enough for us to continue carrying it doesn’t mean you won’t find something you love there. Like the clearance rack at your favorite department store, our closeout wallpaper section might have something that’s just perfect for you.

Florals & Stripes for Home and Office

At almost any time, you can find soothing solids, sumptuous stripes and pleasing patterns. Floral wallpaper is always popular, and whether you tend toward large, pom-pom-sized flowers or tiny, delicate blooms, you should be able to find some perfect living room, dining room or bedroom wallpaper.

But don’t limit your ideas to your home — include your office too! A pale yellow striped wallpaper pattern is perfect behind a desk, or do an accent wall in blue and green polka dots.

What to Do with Small Pieces of Wallpaper

You know you could paper an entire room with a bold damask or a single wall with bright red apples, but have you thought about using wallpaper in other exciting ways?

Take the shelves out of your bookcase and paper the back in designer wallpaper you love. Cover the top of a table that has seen better days with bright, washable wallpaper. Cover binders in different patterns so it’s easy to see which one you want at a quick glance. Paper a door or cabinets in your home (flat ones) for a different, exciting look. Hang leftover wallpaper inside a closet to bring extra light and color to a small space. It can be challenging to paint paneling and harder to rip it out and replace it, but it’s easy to cover it with designer wallpaper.

What can you do with small pieces of leftover wallpaper? So much! Do you know someone with a dollhouse? Paper a room or a wall for them. Cover your boring switchplates for the lights or electrical sockets in your home. Frame a piece of wallpaper and hang it as if it was a painting. Cover vases or flowerpots for extra style.

Have you fallen in love with our alphabet or clown wallpaper, but your kids are too big for it? Make a gift of it to a friend or family member with a baby or toddler. Make it an even bigger gift by offering to hang the paper for the busy parents.

Closeout Wallpaper

However you decide to use the closeout wallpaper you buy, we know that it will bring you joy. Shop our solids, stripes, polka dots, patterns, floral and animal wallpaper closeouts today.