Commercial Wallcovering


Whether your business is a spa, a dentist office, a law firm or any one of thousands of commercial businesses, your quarters will look more professional decorated with commercial wallpaper. Enlist the help of a decorator or go it alone and browse through our commercial wallpaper selection to find the perfect designer wallpapers for your workplace.


When you’re decorating your home, you have the luxury of choosing dramatic patterns that have a big impact. While you are also free to do this in your workplace, it’s not always a popular idea. One reason is because you are conducting business in your workplace, and you do not want any unnecessary distractions. That’s why we carry hundreds of varieties of solid color commercial wallpapers.

Many have barely detectable patterns and textures that give your wallcoverings the muted visual interest that paint just can’t deliver. Wallpaper is higher quality and presents a richer image than ordinary paint. It’s also non-reflective as well as washable, so it stays in pristine condition for years.


Many commercial businesses choose floral wallpaper to reflect their mission and the interests and style of their clientele. These include salons, restaurants, yoga studios, therapists’ offices, retail dressing rooms, design studios, bookstores, coffee shops and more. Each of these types of locations stresses fun, pampering and relaxation, and creating settings with wallpaper depicting flowers, trees, green plants and other natural elements that sets the stage.


Our selection of understated patterns is perfect for the office and other types of commercial business. They add just the right level of engagement without overwhelming workers and clients with busy-ness.

Additionally, we stock some vivid, colorful patterned commercial wallpaper perfect for an accent wall. We have others designed to mimic marble, stone, brick and wood.

For Decorators

If you’re a professional interior designer, you will love our selection of commercial wallpapers. High-quality, durable and washable, our commercial wallpaper will help you transform spaces into the perfect setting for your clients.

Many of our commercial wallpapers are from top wallpaper designers, so you know you’re getting the best when you buy from us. Think rich textures, inspired designs and colors that don’t fade. Consider some of our bolder patterns for accent walls.

When you’re looking for the best and the widest selection of commercial wallpaper, Wallpaper Warehouse is your go-to supplier. We have served thousands of residential and commercial clients over our many decades in business, and you can always depend on us to carry the latest styles, colors and patterns. We make life more beautiful!