When you want a pop of color and art to bring visual interest to a room, a wallpaper decal is just the thing. It’s like your own personal painting or creation, right on your wall. They’re more fun than paintings because they don’t require frames or hardware. You don’t need to make a hole in the wall, and you don’t have to worry about a photo frame in a child’s room falling and scattering broken glass. Plus, wallpaper decals are much cheaper than framed pictures.

Make a Statement with Decals

Accent walls have been popular for many years, due to the way they draw the eye and break up the monotony of a room. You can create an accent wall with a different paint color, but patterned wallpaper makes for greater contrast.

The biggest impact of all, however, comes with the use of designer wallpaper decals. Large, bigger-than-life-sized images in a carefully chosen location have a tremendous effect on the feel and style of your room. Imagine an almost 5-foot-tall Eiffel Tower decal or a profusion of flowers wider than your arms can stretch on your bedroom or living room wall. No longer will you have to rely on small framed prints to break up the monotone of painted walls.

Kids Wallpaper Decals

Children love looking at their favorite characters from Toy Story, Disney World, Thomas the Tank and Winnie-the-Pooh. The kids wallpaper decals you hang for them will make them happy for years to come. We carry decals in kids’ favorite hobbies and subjects such as woodland animals, wild animals, outer space and military vehicles.

For tweens and teens, we have ’70s flower power patterns, peace signs and wallpaper chalkboards you can really write on.

Make Your Own Pattern

Get wallpaper decals of confetti dots, pineapples, chrysanthemums or one of many other choices to make your own pattern on the wall. Choose a set of hearts, flowers and birds and decide how you will arrange them on your wall. Put a map of the U.S. behind your desk or the word “LOVE” wherever you need be reminded of how much people care about you. Add a burst of flowers in a spot that needs cheering up, or put up beautiful butterflies in select areas throughout your home.

Hang wallpaper murals of potted plants, cacti, greenery or a favorite hobby such as camping in the woods. Put a school of tropical fish in the bathroom or some minions or Sesame Street characters in the playroom.

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