Using wallpaper to decorate your home gives it the kind of style you just can’t get with paint. Think jazzy geometric patterns, fabulous florals, splendid stripes and marvelous murals. We have all that and more at Wallpaper Warehouse, your go-to spot for the best in wall décor for the home and office.

Designer Wallpaper

When you want the very best, you want designer wallpaper from Wallpaper Warehouse. Look through our thousands of selections of top designers’ creations in intricate patterns, luxurious textures and the muted, understated colors homeowners and decorators love like damask, jacquard, toile and grasscloth.

Peel-and-Stick Wallpaper

Less fuss and less mess, peel-and-stick wallpaper has become the darling of apartment dwellers, dorm residents and anyone who wants to transform a room easily in a few hours. Get the brick, subway tile or stone wall you have always wanted without the high cost and workload — simply peel and stick our faux finish wallpaper and enjoy your “natural” wall.

Textured Wallpaper

Designed to look like fabric, textured wallpaper is thick and heavy. Wallpaper Warehouse offers textured wallpaper in neutral, muted tones to give you a high-quality blank slate to work with in your rooms. The texture brings a warm feel to your spaces, and it helps absorb sound — perfect in rooms with high ceilings or hardwood floors.

Wallpaper Murals

Whether it’s puffy white clouds in a blue sky, flora, fauna or a reproduction of a famous painting, our wallpaper murals will bring life to any room you hang them in. Do you wish you lived at the beach or in the big city? Pretend you do with murals depicting white sand and palm trees or tall buildings and busy streets. Wallpaper murals bring the world to you.

Kids Wallpaper

From Winnie-the-Pooh to Mickey Mouse to soccer balls to rainbows and unicorns, Wallpaper Warehouse has hundreds of fun patterns to decorate your kids’ bedrooms or the playroom. Your kids will love their room newly adorned with sharks, wild animals, pirate ships or hot air balloons. We have wallpaper perfect for all ages, from babies to teens.

Shopping for Wallpaper

When you’re shopping for wallpaper on our site, we make it easy for you — you can filter for designer, book, style, color and price. But don’t limit yourself — browse a little bit and you might find something exciting you haven’t considered before.

exciting you haven’t considered before. If you’re looking for bathroom wallpaper or kitchen wallpaper, we have lots of options for washable wallpaper that holds up well to steam and moisture without peeling. You have even more options if you’re looking for living room, dining room or bedroom wallpaper — literally thousands.

And even though we love to talk up decorating your walls with wallpaper, remember that wallpaper is also great for ceilings, closets, shelves and even furniture. You are limited only by your imagination.